Yifei Hu



Hi, I’m Yifei Hu. I also go by Patrick for those who haven’t mastered Mandarin phonology. Currently, I develop software at Chicago Venture Partners.

I graduated from Rice University with a degree in Statistics and Computer Science. Previously, I interned at Roscommon Analytics, working on web and python development and Point72, working on data science projects.

Some of my interests are:

  • analytics
  • data-driven storytelling
  • digital humanities


Latest Post

Jan 30, 2020

Scalable Twitter Self-censorship Using the rtweet Package

Twitter should be a place where you are free to post anything. But sometimes with this much freedom, you could easily go too far and post something controversial, like this one: You might quickly proceed to forget that you’ve ever posted the stupid tweet, but there’s no guarantee that no one will ever find it in the future, and before you know it you are #canceled. Is there a way to prevent this? Read more


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